ServicesAdvisory and Consulting of Trees and Palms

Species transplants, specialized pruning, pest and disease control and tree planning

At La Costera Landscaping and Gardening you can rest assured that we have the arborist you need for the health of your Trees and Palms.

You have the peace of mind that a certified arborist will provide you with the correct management techniques supported by National (AMA) and international (ISA) companies.


Un arborista es el especialista en el cuidado de los árboles, que sabe de las necesidades de los mismos y está entrenado y equipado para proporcionarles un buen cuidado.Artículo patrocinado Encuentre algo para todos en nuestra colección de calcetines coloridos, brillantes y elegantes. Compre individualmente o en paquetes para agregar color a su sock ¡cajón!

Proper tree care is one It is not an expense but an investment ... Invest in green life

Well-trained and well-cared for trees are attractive and can add considerable value to your property, including increasing your equity. Poorly intervened and poorly maintained trees can result in a latent risk, they will add ugliness, loss of the original structure of said tree and above all it gives entry to diseases that can lead to the death of the specimen.

Pruning and felling trees, especially large ones, are dangerous jobs. Tree work must be performed not only by people with the necessary training and equipment to work safely on trees, but also with knowledge of tree botany, physiology, and architecture.

Our services are:

  • Tree and palm transplant
  • Specialized pruning
  • Pest control
  • Compost and Fertilized.

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